The maker of time

2018-11-13 15:17:02 40

Time is a mysterious concept


Human beings own time but are also controlled by time, and no one can escape the bondage of time

Humans have been studying time since ancient times, trying to understand and understand the meaning of time

Let man master time himself and not time master man

But we cannot see or hear time

We can measure time

But even if we reverse the clock, time is still moving

Time is one of the physical concepts most closely related to humans

But humans have the least knowledge and understanding of time

What humans can do now is measure time as precisely as possible

From the development of various ancient calendar and the production of a variety of timekeeping tools to accurate measurement and calculation of time

These human advances are making constant progress in our tools for measuring time

Our understanding of time and understanding of human achievement is very limited

The precision of time gives people the convenience to use time and time is essentially a relative concept

People want to put coordinates on it

The precise mechanical movements of the clock made this wish come true

Nanda is such a watch

"It" subverts the standard of traditional watchmaking, and is also the poetic interpretation of timepieces by nanda

As a concept product

It's like a painting in perpetual motion

The hour of the hour is a fleeting moment