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The second shenzhen international brand week and China brand day shenzhen station, themed by "focusing on One Belt And One Road · co-casting city brand", was officially kicked off in the studio hall of shenzhen futian radio and television group on May 9.


The second shenzhen international brand week

At the opening ceremony of the 2nd shenzhen international brand week and China brand day shenzhen station, overseas Chinese city, big ethnic laser and other enterprises won the honorary titles of well-known brands in shenzhen.

Deputy secretary general of shenzhen municipal party committee delivers a speech on behalf of party secretary

The President of the China inspection and quarantine society and former deputy director of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine will present a keynote report entitled "facilitating quality improvement and promoting high-quality development -- the practice and application of the" five-in-one "whole-process quality improvement support system".

Focus on brand and craftsman spirit

The chairman of the board accepted the prize on behalf of the watch industry

Brand is the carrier of quality. The implementation of brand development strategy is conducive to stimulating enterprise innovation and creativity and improving product quality. It is conducive to leading consumption, creating new demand and building confidence in self-owned brand consumption. To improve the international competitiveness of export products; It is conducive to promoting enterprises to be honest and trustworthy, and to achieve more harmonious, fair and sustainable development.

The second shenzhen international brand week won the title of "shenzhen famous brand honor".

Through more than 20 years of hard work, won more than a hundred of various honors, has been in the leadership of the clock industry on the road.

Watch -- working miracles all the time

Since its establishment in 1993, the company has never changed its original intention. It has been adhering to the business philosophy of quality first, always producing products with quality indexes higher than industrial standards, and always putting the interests of consumers above the balance of enterprise production. Craftsman spirit, cast good quality watch.