A velvet-smooth lip balm with a hint of mint. It prepares the delicate skin of the lips and leads to a plump and smooth texture. The moisture of the blessings from the sea protects the original moisture barrier of the lips and prevents damage from the out

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Vaseline·octyldodecanol·microcrystalline wax·stearoyloxystearate octyldodecyl diglyceryl polyacyl adipate-2·pentaoleic acid polyglycerol-10·phenyltrihydroxy Methyl·polybutene·tocopherol acetate·soybean oil·glyceryl distearate·castor oil·water·cholesterol·saccharin Na·glycerin·oleic acid·palmitic acid·PCA menthyl·alger extract·fit Spingosin, sorbitol sesquioleate, malachite, Ca carbonate, tourmaline, aloe La leaf extract, sodium bicarbonate, trehalose, yellow 4, blue 1, BHT, phenoxyethanol, flavors< JILN009034>

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