The Hand Treatment

Smooth and soft hand cream that moisturizes moisture moisturizing ingredients.



Cream like silk that protects the original skin and leads to smooth skin. Care for the dry fingers from the sea of grace. Your own formula fits your skin with a bright impression of the skin.
Water, meadow form oil, tri - (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl, acetanol, stearyl alcohol, dimethtimine glycerol pentyleneglycol glycerol (capril / capric acid) Iasi alkyl stearic acid PEG-100 Cestylstearic acid methyl glucose, magnesium sulfate, yeast exciplinyl glycoprotein, macadamia nut oil, triacetyl Lyric acid glycerol, tocopherol acetate, xanthan gum, caffeine and pantethane cholesterol bisabbolol e Dta-2na algae kiss ginkgo extract, hexylene glycolic trioctanoin squalane, linoleic acid, tocopherol sodium hydroxide, hyaluronic acid Na, chrymarmari mamme extract oleic acid, barley extract, linolenic acid Tourmaline wheat germ exceloxy ethanol and spice
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Apply the amount of your favorite to your hand, and draw the circle and massage.