The Lip Volumizer Collection

Special collection of lip volumeizers and moisturizers



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Miracle broth ™ This product is a limited edition of the cream of the cream of the essence of the cert conception (the product) and the best selling moisturizing cream of the brand Friction.
A unique moisturizing ingredient consisting of giant sea kelp
Lip balizer
The lips are peeled and led into a bright and attractive impression with a sparkle like pearl. Fill the lips from the sea and protect against the barrier. You can realise the luxury glow of de la mer.
Claim de la Mer
Luxury and rich texture wraps your skin and leads to luxurious feeling and harsh skin. Miracle broth ™ * 1, it is made to dry with the petals unpleasant by the drying, and makes it smooth and smooth impression.
1 unique moisturizing ingredients made from giant sea kelp
2 Efficacy evaluation test
The treatment Lotion
The best selling cosmetic of the brand to make the skin easy to receive the skin care item with a lot of skin, and to accept the following skin care items. Gives moisture to the skin and leads to soft skin with a bright, bright, bright impression.
[the concentrate]
Miracle broth ™ * mix. Highly functional and moisturizing beauty liquid leading to smooth skin. Moisturizing and moisturizing skin, "Lime Tea Concentrate" is a new blend to protect sensitive skin that tends to be exposed to external stimuli such as drying and air pollution. Keeps healthy skin condition. It gently wraps up the skin which is gentle to the skin and leads to moist skin.
Moisturizing ingredients consisting of glycerol and alginate extract
Skin components consisting of lime juice and BHT